• Thursday September 1st, 2016 14:30-16:00  sponsored by Vianex

    Room Terpsichori C: "Pre-congress lercture"sponsored by Vianex, invitation required by sponsor to attend

    "New Opportunities in HPV Cancer and Disease Prevention", Xavier Bosch Jose F. (ES), Tsiaousi I. (GR)  

    Senior Consultant to the cancer epidemiology research program and director of international affairs at the Catatan Institute of Oncology- Director of the e-oncologia-Co-Director of the IARC/ICO Information Centre of HPV and Cancer     

    Chairs:Creatsas G. (GR), viagrapillnow.com/ Diakomanolis E. (GR)


  • Thursday September 1st, 2016 19:30-20:00  Sponsored by Generous Contribution by P&G

    Opening Lecture

    Chairs: Botsis D. (GR),Farmakides G. (GR), Holzgreve W. (CH)

    Prenatal care 2016
    Nicolaides K. (UK)
    "George Papanicolaou" Awards
  • Friday September 2nd, 2016 19:00-20:00  Sponsored by Elpen
    Symposium  New oral contraceptive pills 
    Chairs: Serfaty D. (GR), Skouby S. (DK), Creatsas G. (GR), 
    Ethinylestradiol of new generation oral contraceptives
    Gemzell- Danielsson K. (SE)
    Contraception and perimenopause
    Vatopoulou A. (GR)
    New generation oral contraceptives and the management of endometriosis 
    Dafopoulos K. (GR)
    Oral contraceptive and breast disease
    Kalantaridou S. (GR)
  • Saturday September 3rd, 2016 11:30-13:00   Sponsored by Vianex
    HPV celebrating 10 years after HPV vaccine introdcution in the protection of women's health
    Chairs: Creatsas G. (GR), Diakomanolis E. (GR), Loutradis D. (GR)
    Cervical pathology post vaccination in Greece
    Paraskevaidis E. (GR)
    Future perspectives of cervical cancer prevention
    Agorastos T. (GR)
    Real world results after 10 years of HPV immunization programs
    Xavier Bosch Jose F. (ES)
  • Saturday September 3rd, 2016 17:30-18:30  Sponsored by Plus Medica

    Robotic versus conventional laparoscopy in gynecology. Where is the evidence?
    Chairs: Chatzirafail V. (GR),  Papadopoulos L. (GR), Hilaris G. (GR)
    Sioutas A. (S)
    Becker S. (DE)